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      Association between functional dependence, functional capacity, and pain in older people with severe osteoarthritis of the hip (2021) 

      Gajardo-Burgos, Rubén E.; Saavedra-Santiesteban, C.; Bascour-Sandoval, Claudio; Barría-Pailaquilén, René Mauricio; Monrroy-Uarac, Manuel; Arteaga-San Martín, Ricardo; San-Martín Correa, M. (Ediciones Doyma, S.L., 2021)
      Background and aim: To determine the association between functional dependence, functional capacity, and pain intensity in older adults with hip osteoarthritis. Methods: Cross-sectional study with a consecutive sampling ...
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      Association between sleep quality and pain in young amateur athletes (2021) 

      Bascour-Sandoval, Claudio; Norambuena-Noches, Yessenia; Monrroy-Uarac, Manuel; Flández Valderrama, Jorge; Gálvez-García, Germán; Gajardo-Burgos, Rubén E. (Redprint Editora Ltda, 2021)
      Introduction: It has been shown that there is a close association between sleep quality and pain. In young athletes, sleep disorders and pain have a particularly high prevalence; however, the relationship between them has ...
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      Effect of adduction during glenohumeral external rotation exercises in the scapulohumeral muscles (2021) 

      Bascour-Sandoval, Claudio; Gajardo-Burgos, Rubén E.; Gálvez-García, Germán; Barramuño-Medina, Mauricio (Universidad de la Frontera, 2021-10)
      The effect of adduction during glenohumeral external rotation (ER) exercises on the scapulohumeral muscles is controversial. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of carrying out adduction during external rotation ...
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      Frequency of injury and illness in the final 4 weeks before a trail running competition (2021) 

      Gajardo-Burgos, Rubén E.; Monrroy-Uarac, Manuel; Barría-Pailaquilén, René Mauricio; Norambuena-Noches, Yessenia; van Rensburg, Dina Christa Janse; Bascour-Sandoval, Claudio; Besomi, Manuela (MDPI AG, 2021-05-02)
      We aimed to (i) determine self-reported injury and illness frequency in trail runners 4 weeks preceding competition; (ii) compare athletes with and without injury/illness by sex, age, body mass index (BMI) and competition ...
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      The effect of sleep quality on pain in chilean individuals with musculoskeletal disorders (2021) 

      Bascour-Sandoval, Claudio; Belmar-Arriagada, Hellen; Albayay, Javier; Lacoste-Abarzua, Claudia; Bielefeldt-Astudillo, Diego; Gajardo-Burgos, Rubén E.; Vidal-Torres, Mirko; Gálvez-García, Germán (MDPI, 2021-11-01)
      Poor sleep quality (SQ) negatively affects pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). As the level of economic development of a country determines its sanitary conditions, these can influence the sleep–pain ...