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      Exploring somatosensory innervation of the human lip: A focus on the vermilion (2024) 

      Martín-Cruces, José; Martín-Biedma, Benjamín; García-Mesa, Yolanda; Cuendias, Patricia; Gaite, Juan J.; García-Suárez, Olivia; Cobo, Juan L.; Vega, José A. (Elsevier GmbH, 2023)
      Background: The lips are a vital component of the face and are densely innervated to perform various functions. The lip edges are covered with mucocutaneous tissue called vermilion which is particularly receptive to touch ...
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      Immunolocalization of the mechanogated ion channels PIEZO1 and PIEZO2 in human and mouse dental pulp and periodontal ligament (2024) 

      Gaite, Juan J.; Solé-Magdalena, Antonio; García-Mesa, Yolanda; Cuendias, Patricia; Martin-Cruces, José; García-Suárez, Olivia; Cobo, Teresa; Vega, José A.; Martín-Biedma, Benjamín (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2023)
      PIEZO1 and PIEZO2 are essential components of mechanogated ion channels, which are required for mechanotransduction and biological processes associated with mechanical stimuli. There is evidence for the presence of PIEZO1 ...
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      Proprioceptive innervation of the human lips (2024) 

      Martín-Cruces, José; Cuendias, Patricia; García-Mesa, Yolanda; Cobo, Juan L.; García-Suárez, Olivia; Gaite, Juan J.; Vega, José A.; Martín-Biedma, Benjamín (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2024)
      The objective of this study was to analyze the proprioceptive innervation of human lips, especially of the orbicularis oris muscle, since it is classically accepted that facial muscles lack typical proprioceptors, that is, ...