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      Antimicrobial properties of novel ionic liquids derived from imidazolium cation with phenolic functional groups (2021) 

      Guzmán-Jofre, Luis; Parra-Cid, Cristóbal; Guerrero-Muñoz, Etiennette; Peña-Varas, Carlos; Polo-Cuadrado, Efraín; Duarte, Yorley; Castro, Ricardo I.; Nerio, Luz Stella; Araya-Maturana, Ramiro; Assefa, Tewodros; ... (Academic Press Inc., 2021-10)
      Bacterial infections are nowadays among the major threats to public health worldwide. Thus, there is an urgent and increased need for new antimicrobial agents. As a result, the exploration of the antimicrobial properties ...