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      Clinical Note: Bipolar disorder in Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis: a case report (2021) 

      Migoya-Borja, Marta; Cegla-Schvartzman, Fanny B.; Palomar-Ciria, Nora; Iza, Miren; Barrigon, María Luisa; Baca-Garcia, Enrique (NLM (Medline), 2021-03-01)
      Cerebrotendinous X anthomatosis (CTX) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder presenting with possible psychiatric manifestations that, once established, are difficult to control. We present the case of a 29-year-old woman ...
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      Stressful life events as proximal risk factors for a suicide crisis: Case-control study (2021) 

      Díaz-Oliván, Isaac; Porras-Segovia, Alejandro; Barrigón-Estévez, María L.; de la Cruz, Miguel; Baca-Garcia, Enrique (NLM (Medline), 2021-05-01)
      Suicide is one of the main challenges worldwide. Every year 800,000 people die by suicide. There is evidence that life stressful events are associated to suicidal behaviour. Our aim in this case-control study is to explore ...